Last year we were introduced to Shangaan Electro – a new (to us) genre of South African dance music – via Honest Jon’s excellent compilation. Now, from Nozinja Music, the Tshe-Tsha Boys bring you their awesomely-titled LP, You Tube Top Hits, featuring more of their 180BPM+, hyper-kinetic digital beats -  as well as their bumping masked, orange jumpsuit-ed, rainbow-wigged costumes. Both a dance and a type of music,  Shangaan Electro grows out of the traditional sounds of Shangaan people of South Africa and Mozambique, and replaces the music’s traditional instrumentation with midi sounds – marimba beats, toms, and live guitar are played through a keyboard. The Tshe-Tsha Boys, who often pull audience members into their frenetic performance, are on tour this summer in Europe – but we’re hoping they’ll dance their way Stateside soon.