Meta and the Cornerstones

About Meta and the Cornerstones

Meta and the Conerstones just might be the future of reggae music. The group weaves hip-hop, rock, soul, afropop, and a veritable United Nations of vocals (Fulani, French, English, and Wolof). Its seven members hail from Africa, Asia, North America, and the Middle East. If they could find an Aussie, an English guy, and a penguin they’d have every place on Earth represented. Each member brings their own culture to the table, and the result is a sunny sound that brings out the best the genre has to offer. The fusion of reggae, soul, potent lyrics, and cheerful descants transcends physical and cultural barriers. At its core the songs of Meta and the Cornerstones makes visible the principle that should be at the core of reggae music, unity.

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