Seun Kuti

About Seun Kuti

The musical genes in the Kuti family run deep. Not only was Fela Kuti the godfather of Afro-beat, but he produced some prolific progeny, including his youngest son Seun Kuti. A born showman, Seun was warming up crowds for his father back when he was a small boy. After Fela’s untimely death in 1997, Seun took over his father’s band, Egypt 80, and carried on the elder Kuti’s political ethos and musical spirit. While he had the opportunity to pursue a career in American football, Seun Kuti chose to take up the family banner, and keep his father’s irrepressible style alive. However, Seun is by no means a carbon copy of Fela. While it would be hard for anyone to step out of such a large shadow, Seun has indeed put his own unique stamp on the genre his family made famous.

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