Ringing in the New: 10 British Artists to Watch in 2013


Favorite fact about the self-described ‘tropical atypical youth’ Kwesi Sey: before he dropped out of college to pursue music he was really into Schopenhauer’s Metaphysics of Love. Kwes, as he’s known, is the product of Ghanaian parents and a London upbringing. Although the first single from his EP ‘Meantime’ reveal that he’s sometimes ‘bashful’, Kwes is nothing if not bold in his transgression of music’s genres and the categories ready and waiting to box artists in. His dedication to making ‘pop music without boundaries’ has freed him to work on an impressive range of projects: from Mercury prizewinning rapper Speech Debelle’s second album to a reinterpretation of Puccini‘s arias. Last year he was one of the producers part of Damon Albarn’s project in the DRC (he’s written about his time in Kinshasa) and he’s put out two mixtapes with fellow innovator Micachu. There’s no doubt this busy, experimental and boundary-flouting artist will continue doing big things in 2013.