Ringing in the New: 10 British Artists to Watch in 2013


Born in Manchester to parents from Liberia and Jamaica Josephine Oniyama wields her guitar and her contralto voice with finesse managing to sidestep the comparisons to Adele and Amy by producing music that’s hard to categorise (her voice is more Joan Armatrading or Joni Mitchell).  She’s been around for 10 years, but lately her catchy single ‘Original Love’ has been getting airplay on BBC Radio 2, she’s performed on Jools Holland and is currently touring the UK with The NoisettesShe says that she learned about music from her ‘mum’s record collection’ (which included King Sunny Ade) and the Mancunian musical history part of the city’s culture: ‘At school it was all about indie, but when I went home it was African.’ Listen to this acoustic version of ‘Original Love’ to appreciate the full idiosyncrasy of Oniyama’s voice.