Welcome to the fourth installment of our new Cinemafrique series, where every other Thursday we highlight the latest film and television news from throughout Africa and the diaspora. This week we take a look at Idris Elba‘s forthcoming war flick Beasts Of No Nation, South African funnyman David Kau‘s superhero comedy Sekwankwetla, a satirical mini-documentary starring the FOKN Bois, the big winners at the 2014 Africa Movie Academy Awards and a visual exploration of street art in Cape Town. Click on for the full scoop.



  • Flawed And All

    mouth watering already, life’s going to be gruesome these next 18 months

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    I was gonna say, how are you going to have an article about Idris Elba and not have his fine picture on the cover? Started to bolt this site until I clicked to page 2. Learn how to use your clickbait properly 😉