Cinemafrique: African Foreign Language Oscar Hopefuls, Scotland’s Africa In Motion Film Festival & A Stunning Senegalese Fashion Short

Watch A Stunning Short Fashion Film Set In Dakar, Senegal


Femme is a short film directed by Sarah Diouf, founder and editor-in-chief of lifestyle and fashion magazine, Ghubar. Set in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, the black-and-white film from the Paris-based creative entrepreneur of Ivorian descent offers a brief glimpse into a day in a life of a mystery woman as she spends a leisurely day in repose before wandering around a marketplace interacting with vendors. The stark visual which clocks in at about three and a half minutes is soundtracked by a hauntingly beautiful Arabic narration of a poem by writer Mufida Sedqawi  that “tells the universal story of the rebirth of a woman who loved and hurt”. Watch Femme below.