This Compilation Tells the Story of the Groundbreaking Mid-'70s Maloya Music Scene of Réunion Island

First Listen: Strut Records is releasing a collection of the groundbreaking maloya scene on Réunion Island from the mid-‘70s.

DIASPORA–Global reissue label Strut Records is releasing a collection of the groundbreaking maloya scene on Réunion Island from the mid-‘70s, as western instrumentation joined traditional Malagasy, African and Indian acoustic instruments to spark a whole era of new fusions.

The compilation is called The Birth Of Electric Maloya on Réunion Island 1975-1986, and is compiled by Réunionese DJ duo La Basse Tropicale.

The maloya music genre dates back to the 17th century and it also involves dances of slaves on the sugar plantations of Réunion Island from that era. In the mid-‘70s an evolution occurred when a new generation of artists–such as Caméléon Alain Peters and Hervé Imare–started incorporating poetic lyrics and mixing maloya with electric instrumentation, jazz, psychedelic music and more. There was also the use of Créole language in the songs, which was a new addition.

The Birth Of Electric Maloya on Réunion Island 1975-1986 tells the story of that era maloya music through 19 tracks by artists such as Caméléon, Michou, Cormoran Group and more.

You can stream the album on Spotify on the embed below, view the tracklist underneath, and order the compilation from Strut Records.

Maloya Band in 1971. Photo courtesy of Strut Records .

1. Caméléon "La Roséé Si Feuilles Songes

2. Michou "Maloya Ton Tisane"

3. Jean Claude Viadcre "Moin La Pas Fait Tout Seul"

4. Daniel Sandié "Défoule 3e Age"

5. Cormoran Group "P'Tit Femme Mon Gaté"

6. Marie Helen Et Ses Creol's "Séga Le Sport"

7. Françoise Guimbert "Tantine Zaza"

8. Vivi "Toe Meme Maloya"

9. Pierrot Vidot "Commandeur"

10. Hervé "Mele-Mele Pas Toué P'Tit Pierre"

11. Group Dago "Réveil Créole"

12. Ti Fock "Sé Pi Bodié"

13. Gaby Et Les Soul Men "C'est La Meme Cadence"

14. Vivi "Mi Bord' A Toue"

15. Gilberte "Serre Serre Pas"

16. Maxime Lahope "Soul Pied D'Camelias"

17. Gaby & Les Soul Men "Oh Maloya"

18. Hervé "Mi Donne A Toué Grand Csur"

19. Carrousel "Oté Maloya"

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