Ninja and Yo-Landi come with a “raw-ass lil home-made video [they] made on tour jus 4 fun,” set to beat of MIMS‘ incredibly popular ’09 single “This Is Why I’m Hot.” The two rap, among other things, about the overly generalized global view of South Africa. Spotted: Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel and Fab 5 Freddy given the group props at the end. Watch above.


1 Replies to "Video: Die Antwoord ‘Diz Iz Why I’m Hot’ (Zef Remix)"
September 26, 2012 at 12:31 am

I did just as Ninja instructed and worked a little of my own magic with their acapella. Check out my “Evil Arcade” remix of this song! It’s pretty gutter….

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