Die Antwoord Fatty Boom Boom
When South African rap/rave duo Die Antwoord released their latest video for “Fatty Boom Boom” from their album TEN$ION yesterday, the Okayplayer office was abuzz (for like 3 minutes) with comments on DA’s ever-expanding catalogue of absurdities. Read our opinions on Yolandi‘s blackface and Lady Gaga‘s grotesque gyno visit below, then watch the Die Antwoord “Fatty Boom Boom” video at your own discretion.

V: Don’t get too close to the screen…wow.

A: They’ve finally taken their ripped-off colored South African personas to a whole new level: actual blackface.

B: Watching now…. is that Nicki Minaj and Akon on the wall sh*tting on the Black Eyed Peas?

Okayplayer discusses the Die Antwoord Fatty Boom Boom Video
A: They always comment on how no one outside of South Africa knows much about the country except for Zulus, Nelson Mandela and Die Antwoord. This could be a comment on that – everything exhibited in hyperbole in typical DA style. But they may have taken the race thing too far, considering how much they’ve already capitalized on a marginalized culture (they acknowledge it themselves: “GOT A OFFSHORE ACCOUNT FOR DA DOLLAR BILLZ DAT I STACK”)

K: To me it’s a fairly typical Die Antwoord shock-video centered around misconceptions of SA culture, they’re just trying to push things further cause they don’t get the amount of play they first received — hence the blackface and prawn abortion (which doesn’t have any other purpose than pure shock value as far as I can tell)

D: That’s kind of amazing.

K: The Gaga things is she asked them to play with her in SA and they declined calling her a “bad Madonna rehash.” (Gaga’s playing South Africa late Nov/ early Oct).

B: Does okayplayer even care about Die Antwoord?

V: If they poop on Black Eyed Peas? Yes.

N: Boo to the whole thing. blackface should be outlawed. I think its outrageous for the sake of being outrageous. The story doesn’t really mean anything to me and Busta Rhymes old videos were better. Also I don’t really dig the song. #opinionofahater #putyourhandswheremyeyescansee

B: I’m in total agreement.

A: Someone just tweeted at Okayafrica: “why are we paying attention to Die Antwoord again?”
I vacillate between admiring their artful achievements (this video aside) and agreeing with @Congogirl’s question above.


5 Replies to "The Okayplayer Fam Discusses Die Antwoord"
Lyshebaaaa says:
October 17, 2012 at 1:26 pm

Busta Rhymes old videos, and Missy Elliott’s videos were so much better; original, creative, wacky, artistic, grand, music was actually great, and alladat etc

CV says:
October 18, 2012 at 4:02 am

Well then, write about Busta Rhymes, darlings.

October 19, 2012 at 1:32 am

The real question: Is it pooping ON the Black Eyed Peas or pooping OUT the Black Eyed Peas? Discuss.

October 19, 2012 at 1:32 am

The real question: Is it pooping ON the Black Eyed Peas or pooping OUT the Black Eyed Peas? Discuss.

MumBi says:
October 23, 2012 at 7:30 am

The entire set is Clear _artistic Genius!! (for me atleast!)
They take pot shots tarting with how the “Pop World” view’s Africa.. animals walking around etc.
The hyena’s graffiti, tagging etc is deliberate.
Their blackface is not racist.. but a depiction of what outside Africa thinks and views Africa products – ie “Still Black, needing civilisation, gullible, from the Bush/Bundu’s)
the Akon/Nicki Minaj thing.. is the “Fame Monster” shitting out (not on) what was pop/consumer culture before Akon n Minaj took positions.. (i think this is an apt n symbolic thrown down to what Gaga stands for) and as usual Mass culture.. those “Afro-art figurines” eat it all up.
If you listen to Ninja’s lyrics at that shot he ponders.. and wishes for the times where music was real… n now its all pop n copy pasted like a bad f-fest.
You will notice the “fame monster” has other heads!
“Prawn” is a common slang word in South Africa.. Know what it means?? Google or make a friend -and find out.!

(I LOVE these guys!)
holla back on twirrah @TheMumBi)

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