In this video (“An Innocent Abroad”), the New York Times’ Nicholas (“the great White Savior”) Kristof continues his “Win A Trip” series, in which he brings an American student to Africa to see what the world out there is “really like.” The lessons learned on this trip? Africa’s roads are bad! Very bad!

Interesting how throughout these 7+ minutes we don’t get to hear from any actual Africans. Even when Mitch talks with a group of young men who speak English, we never hear their voices – they don’t make the cut. Yet the random German (read: white) tourists do.

And hey Mitch – when you visit a country (and go on video to talk about it), you should probably be able pronounce its name correctly. Just sayin’.


  • Sophia A

    Mitch was total jock bait in high school. And I don’t think it’s just me who hears his tonal similarities to Kristof, AKA Dork Senior.

  • Julia

    Goodness there is so much wrong with this!
    This is exactly the reason why media sucks so badly! I mean reProduction of racism in journalism and these two dorks are at the heart of it!

    Thanks for posting though, I´ll repost for education purpose…