def jam africa
Rumors have been milling around several Nigerian blogs about the creation of Def Jam Africa, an African counterpart to the hip-hop heavyweight label originated by Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons to be run under the mammoth Island Def Jam Music Group umbrella. Bare-boned Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and “official” blogs have been created along with word of D’banj taking the helm as president. His alleged first act: sign Davido. Is it true? Pics/tweets that all the Naija blogs have been posting of D’banj and Davido hanging in ATL this week below.


  • whiz’dee

    i love this d’banj

  • sonny ngu

    Yes d koko master.ooosssshhhheeeee

  • sonny ngu

    I love d koko dreams r to meet him one day.