OkayAfrica explores Roberto Calderoli and Italy's anti-black, racist mentality

Just last week we reported on Italian politician Roberto Calderoli‘s racist comparison of Cécile Kyenge — the Italo-Congolese new Minister of Integration — to an orangutan. Now, less than two weeks later, it appears that average Italian citizens have been emboldened by the discourse of their political leaders, hurling insults, threats, and bananas on stage at Kyenge’s rallies, most recently in Cervia, a comune of Ravenna. As Kyenge continues to push for laws that make it easier for individuals born in Italy not of Italian heritage to gain citizenship before the age of 18, conservative political factions across Italy are continuing to show their face, upping the ante with a mantra that originally featured on the Facebook page of a 19 year-old Veronese boy: “Bananas at Cervia, hand grenades at Verona.”

Kyenge’s responses have remained determined and on message, admonishing the banana throwers for wasting food in a time of increased global famine and poverty. In yesterday’s edition of La Repubblica – a center-left newspaper that is roughly the Italian equivalent of the NYT – Kyenge gave an interview (translation mine):

“Minister Kyenge, after repeating that she has never thought of leaving her post “not even for a moment” then stated: “Italians are not racist. Italy is stifled, however, by voices that scream louder. Everyone of us – continues Kyenge – must contribute to the creation of a serene atmosphere in which it is possible for different people to recognise each other with respect. I therefore request the intervention of the leader of the largest party from which the attacks have risen against me [Roberto Maroni, President of Lombardy and leader of the Northern League]. A cultural shift is necessary – continues Kyenge – some acts of racism have increased because of the fear of diversity. This is why there is such a need for an informative campaign of the Other.”

The liberal pathos espoused by the papers has been echoed all over Italy, particularly amongst Kyenge’s political allies and those sympathetic to the laws she wishes to propose. Readers of this paper are presented with information about the racism in Italy in a way that spurs their righteous indignation while quelling the average reader’s self-loathing and fear. However, this will never spark the conversation that Kyenge demands. Instead the response remains along the lines of “Reading this I’m enraged by the current sociopolitical climate in Italy. I’m not like the people in this article, nor the Lega Nord (the Northern League). Italy is a provincial country, rife with brutes (scemi), and we should be ashamed of them

This holier-than-thou cycle of distancing, disidentifying and shaming, is far more sinister than the hurling of fruit during political events. It speaks to Italy’s inability to come to terms with the systemic cultural, political, social disintegration at the heart of its institutions. Additionally, the fact that those coming to Kyenge’s defense are mainly members of her own political party is telling. Her race and gender are tied to her politics in a way that makes insulting her race and insulting her policies equally fair game for her opponents. And because in Italy those who are outraged have yet to hear of intersectionality, Kyenge’s race, skin colour, and otherwise “foreign” origins are the only things discussed in the media.

Thing is, there is another naturalised Italian citizen from Africa working in Prime Minister Enrico Letta‘s coalition government: Khalid Chaouki. He was born in Morocco and raised in Campania (southern Italy). Chaouki is currently using his position in government to push for laws punishing homophobic rhetoric and violence, to support global human rights issues of integration and immigration, and to advocate for multiculturalism in Italy, just as Kyenge has been tasked with doing. There is little to no backlash against Chaouki, save for the mandatory trolling of online articles where he is mentioned. His religion is not an issue. Indeed, Italy has had history of commingling with Northern Africa and Islam; the Kingdoms of Sicily and Naples were partially or completely Muslim for decades, if not centuries. The fact is that Italy is not a racist nation, although this is putting it too simply. Italy is anti-black and misogynist. How else would the country produce an elected government official, a woman, who suggests in a public forum that another woman ought to be raped?

As a point of reference take Silvio Berlusconi, the man who served three times as Italy’s Prime Minister, who committed wide-ranging fraud and other crimes against the Italian people, and was convicted of these crimes (but will never go to jail). The man who had sex with underage sex workers in brothels and had sex parties called “bunga bunga” (how the play on words about a “bongo bongo” government came to be lobbied at the new PM). Put simply, Kyenge’s Congolese origins are more embarrassing to Italy than a man who stole, changed laws to prevent his conviction, made overt pacts with the Mafia, and had sex with underage women. Being black is worse, though, according to the conservatives of the Lega Nord.

Italy’s problem is not immigration, illegal or otherwise. If anything, Italians are as big a drain on Italy as ever, with a risible percentage of the middle-class population deeming it necessary to pay taxes. Here is where I disagree with Kyenge’s suggestion that Italy needs a campaign to raise awareness about “the Other”. When you have intellectuals and moderates fleeing to other countries because they cannot find work or effect change, and when they attempt to stay are accused of communism or homosexuality; when just about every day you read in the Repubblica or Corriere della sera about a woman murdered by a lover, ex-lover or husband but there is never an article linking these things to the overarching theme of systemic violence and corruption coming from the heart of Italy’s government; when you have Italians in the South not considered Italians because of their skin colour or the lack of industry, oblivious to the fact that Italians worldwide have been considered people of colour until only recently. Italy does not need an awareness campaign of the Other. Italy needs first to recognise who the Other is, and it should start with a mirror.


  • LaCec Sainti

    Hmmm… *still scratching my head*

    “The fact is that Italy is not a racist nation, although this is putting it too simply. Italy is anti-black and misogynist.”

    Excuse me, but, what is racism exactly if not the conscious decision on the part of light-skinned Euro-descendents (so-called “whites” by their racist ancestors) to think that they are “racially” superior to so-called “blacks” (according to the racist classification of northern Europeans in the 18th and 19th centuries ? Hmm ?

    Racism is racism and being “black” is what prompts racism in racists ! So many Italians are racist. It’s quite simple. Indeed.

    • Marcel Samson

      And exactly how many Italians are racist then? The media is bound to zoom in on any actions against Kyenge, but I hardly think these ignorant people make up the majority of the people in Italy.

      People like this are everywhere, unfortunately. But you can’t just go around and accuse whole countries like that. Worst things have been said in the US (which is made up by those same euro descendants you talk about btw 😉 ). Racist people like Roberta Calderoli are treating a whole race as one, that doesn’t mean you should stoop to their level and do the same with all Italian people.

    • Rogiero

      Fair comment. It seems that author of the article might have a little prejudice in him/her by unfairly labelling a large group of people he/she hardly knows as racists.

    • ugh


    • Guest

      If white people are so racist and oppressive why do you Negroids illegally migrate to Europe?

    • Paulos Kidane

      if whites think black people are poor than why are whites constantly stealing resources from africa?

    • Lawrence

      what a twat lol

    • Lawrence

      Well you’ve never been Scottish then lol we have to put up with racism all the time, there is no difference between being called a Jock or a Nigger it happens all the time and worse, and maybe I should educate you to the fact that Scots were the first slaves on the sugar plantations of Barbados, racism is not a black thing, it’s ignorant people trying to justify their existence and blaming all their ills on others or just pure bigotry.

    • Alec Lomami

      wait a minute so you are saying ” It
      seems that author of the article might have a little prejudice in him/her by
      unfairly labelling a large group of people he/she hardly knows as
      racists.” and then you said : “Blacks are short-sighted, socially
      irresponsible and pose a serious threat to the cohesiveness and success of
      white european societies.”… “A fact none of us can avoid is that
      blacks do not integrate well with whites.” to use your own words I’ll say
      “It seems that author of the article ( response) might have a little prejudice in
      him/her by unfairly labelling a large group of people ( black people) he/she hardly knows as
      racists (lazy, dangerous, destructive to society etc…” – emphasis mine

    • amskeels .

      That is the most biased racist statement I have ever heard. So you think that blacks have something to do with whites being racist by the fact they are black. Give me a break. How asinine to speak such dribble. Blacks are the most racist people on this planet. To them everything is about skin color which doesn’t surprise me given their teachings or lack thereof.

    • Queer Supremacist

      There is no such thing as anti-white racism.

      Racism = white people shoving their inferior culture down everybody’s throat

      Not racism = people of color, Jews and LGBTs calling crackers crackers.

    • Garris Aaron


    • knight14

      this is actually so rascist…
      the irony is amazing!

    • baciami il culo

      Idiot your so racist “Blacks are racist” I’m Italian and Black

    • Paulos Kidane

      the facts

    • Seyn

      I agree ,What a stupid thing to say that ‘Italian’s are anti-black, but not racist’! As a mixed Pakistani visiting Italy, i can confidently say that they are racist towards other non white people! So, please don’t hog all the space and make it an arena for ‘Only Blacks have issues with Italian racism’.

    • Jordan

      Italians are racist against all the dark skinned races like Blacks, Mulattos, Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis. Italians believe in the fascist doctrine of white supremacism. That’s not surprising if you think that fascim was born in Italy (do you remember Benito Mussolini?) and that fascism ruled Italy for many years.

  • Minor

    The US is a racist nation and so is Italy. Simple. Stop getting so upset.

    • Queer Supremacist

      And the US welcomed Italian immigrants with open arms for years. “Do the Right Thing” called those people out on what racist trash they really are.

    • Guest

      South Africa & Zimbabwe are both racist nations. Actually all of Africa is for not excepting diversity and massive immigration.

    • Garris Aaron


      Interesting read

  • Alina Bassie

    When the Islamist strike at western targets and caused major damages on life and property I am one of those who condemn such barbaric action against the so called “Innocent people” but now I am having a second thought if there is such a thing as innocent among the westerners or so called white people.
    Now looking back at their ( America and Europe ) action against black people whose only crime is their color I feel a sense of justice and retribution on what is done to them by the so called terrorist . I think it is important to remind these morons that they are opening another war front that will finally consume them if they continue with this foolish action of racism , discrimination and humiliation of black people based on their color and cultural heritage .

    • Rogiero

      People like you are the problem. You have been blinded by liberal propoganda that contests we are all the same and can live in peace and harmony.

      Whites like you are the reason Europe and the USA are going to hell in a hand basket – you are convinced of something that is not true, even to the point that you will turn against your own kind and justify injustices against them.. it’s sad.. educate yourself.

    • http://euphoric-design.com/ Cheryl Conley

      People like you are the reason we and future generations can’t live in peace and harmony. Come to the light, my friend.

    • Alina Bassie

      Sorry I am not white, my father is African and I have received a lot of shit from the white and they have negative perception about Blacks and it shows in their actions and words ..I stand for justice, fairness and truth no mater whose ox is gored, the whites has done a lot of injustice to Africans from slave trade to colonization to exploitation of their natural resources, aiding and abetting corruption which helps their leaders to siphon public money to western countries while the Africans suffer in abject poverty, Gabon is one practical example so dont support your own kind simply because its your own kind

    • Alina Bassie

      My friend Rogiero you are barking the wrong tree and putting the blame where it does not belong, In fact its people like you and the ones that call this lady orang-utan and those who attack her with banana for no other reason than her color and heritage that are putting the west in harms way , today no body can boldly and proudly introduce himself as American in middle east or Pakistan , think about it and please watch Aljazeera’s French African Connection which is being aired currently and tell me what you understand .

    • rocker77

      her color is not reason, it’s her obsession with giving away free citizenship, welcoming illegal immigrants and her statement that she wants to replace elderly italians with young africans.

    • johnbull88

      You sound like a catholic. By the way i am a WASP and not too keen on you southern europeans.

    • Dave

      LIBERAL BRAINWASHING/PROGRAMMING IN ACTION FOLKS. Yet another naive moron who believes everything the elite controlled media feeds her.

    • Teresa


      You right wing nutjobs hate ANYTHING and ANYONE that isn’t white, male and wealthy. You people vote against your own interest even if it means pulling the rest of the world into the flames with you and your ilk.

    • Queer Supremacist

      Islam is the only thing worse than Christianity. Both those religions need to be eliminated from both the public and private sphere.

  • Rogiero

    This article would garner more credibility if it fairly presented the stance of the Northern League.

    A fact none of us can avoid is that blacks do not integrate well with whites. Whether it be a cultural factor or an evolutionary factor, they do not educate themselves as well as other immigrants (specifically asians) and they commit more violent crimes in comparison to other immigrants upon entering “White European Society”.

    Blacks are short-sighted, socially irresponsible and pose a serious threat to the cohesiveness and success of white european societies. To support this argument I use Detroit, South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) as examples. After their white rulers were ousted and replaced with black leaders, they slowly degredated into some of the poorest run places on the planet. Detroit, once the wealthiest city in the USA has become an American slum, a violent Africa-like place that was inconceivable in the 1950s when 90% of its residents were white.

    This is what the Northern League fears, they are addressing this fear fairly (in my opinion) and it is unfair to zoom in on the aggressive actions of fringe elements in Italian society.

    If this article is to be considered a piece of “journalism”, it would hae at least addressed one reason the other side (Northern League) is reluctant to accept immigrants into Italian society.

    • http://euphoric-design.com/ Cheryl Conley

      I guess that is something that “White European Society” should have taken into consideration when it decided to violently rape Africa of her people and resources. Also, check your history “White European Society” has been socially, morally, and ecologically irresponsible. It has posed a serious threat to the cohesiveness and success of the global society.

    • Queer Supremacist

      White “people” promoted exclusive heterosexuality for the purposes of baby farming and nation building, and the whole planet is now paying the price. Goy missionaries destroyed indigenous cultures by forcing their heretic religion on them.

      Christianity and heterosexuality are evil.

    • David Bongo Bongo

      Right on the nose
      Multiculturalism is destroying Europe
      Africans destroy wherever they live demanding special treatment. They should grow up and sort themselves out same with Muslims

    • Philip Henderson

      Nazis should be exterminated.

    • Queer Supremacist

      White people tried to destroy everyone who isn’t like them. This is retribution. We will not stop until you have been driven off every country on the planet. You filthy pale-faced Eurotrash will have nowhere to run. We will destroy your inferior race by any means necessary, and then there will be world peace.

    • Guest

      White people destroyed everything?

      Africa never had anything to destroy to begin with.

      Driven out of every country on the planet? Oh! So you support genocide?

      The hilarious thing about this post is that a few comments ago you were talking about equality.

      Turns out you’re nothing but another anti-white genocidal piece of trash.

      You can wipe out the indigenous people’s of Europe but you’ll never be European.

    • kennsy


    • Olivier Katombe

      Rogiero…you are an idiot. Manufacturing in Detroit began to be outsourced way before the current situation, by the time the auto industry or any industry for that matter left the U.S, killing all the jobs, whites had more options to move around (blacks only represent 12% + a difficult history behind them). Guess who decided to outsource the jobs, guess who was responsible for creating one of the worst economic collapse since the great depression. guess who sent Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Iceland one-baboon-hair away from third world status… historically, blacks as well as other immigrants have been brought to Europe(U.S.A) by the corporations to lower wages or simply allow income mobility/ rise of the middle class-because they can afford to create businesses by paying those immigrants very little- guess when did this process start in THEEEE ….60’s I hope you can begin to see a correlation- colonization end/rise of very cheap labor in Europe, growth of a middle class , without immigration none of the countries in Europe would have survived … frankly it’s embarrassing to have to explain this process to people like you-barely educated- who troll on article about human decency and unity, trying to defends racists and extremists. Un peu d’education avant d’ouvrir ta gueule sale con!

    • Stan

      The only idiot is you. What town puts their entire fate in the hands of ONE INDUSTRY? I’ll tell you what town(s)…..Detroit, MI (Black run)….Lansing, MI (Black run), Gary, IN (Black Run). Do you see a pattern here? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? All the white (tax paying) people vacated decades ago. There’s no revenue for these towns to collect because everyone is on welfare. Their socialist policies are their undoing. Also, Blacks weren’t brought there to do anything. They came to these cities (freely) after World War II. They all had great paying union jobs with pensions. The downfall is how they were run and WHO they were run by. (Hint, hint) BLACKS. If they had a more diversified portfolio of industries the outsourcing wouldn’t have even mattered. I have a Master’s Degree, so don’t try to act “elitist” with me, either.

    • olivier

      your reasoning is as ridiculous as your claim of being a Master Degree holder. “elitist”…that is an ironic word coming from a deluded imbecile who explains the economic downfall of these area through tax evasion committed by en entire race.as if not paying taxes is a characteristic of black DNA. you have to choose, the white “tax paying ” vacated before or after the downfall? don’t answer that genius. word like segregation and suppression through discrimination were invented by those blacks right after the industry failed, these once,well paid blacks as you stated, just decided to stay there and spend theirs LAST paycheck and pension on booze. right? aww man what a shitty debater you make. WW2 ended in 1945, segregation in 1964…and you dare to put the word “freely” next to it. go return your “degree”…and try to actually get one, then come back and we can begin to discuss things based on substance.

    • Philip Henderson

      Thank you.

    • Stan

      The outsourcing wouldn’t have mattered much if your dumbass negro leadership would’ve explored other areas of commerce aside from cars. Additionally, when you have too many welfare kings and queens (which is what all of those towns have), and very few taxpayers, it makes it rather hard to succeed. I wouldn’t expect you mindless negros to understand basic economics, however. Outsourcing wouldn’t absolutely destroy cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York, because they have thousands of industries. Again , to simply ignore the fact that the cities I mentioned in my previous post are populated by at least 90% black people is just another part of your insecure denial. The truth hurts. It’s also a historical fact that Blacks did move freely to the north after the war because there were more opportunities in the big cities of the north. Do some research, simpleton. You might want to stay away from the Afrocentrist b.s. You also have very little substance, so there’s really nothing to debate.

    • Queer Supremacist

      Ever hear of “redlining”? That’s another reason for Detroit’s downfall.

      And my dad’s family lived in that area in the 1960s. The crackers were all racist, anti-semitic shit-for-brains goyim. Dearborn forbade Jews to live in its borders.

      Fuck you, cracker.

    • Stan

      Let me ask you a question. Why is it that redlining was one of the factors in the downfall of Detroit? If blacks actually took care of their neighborhoods this wouldn’t really matter much because the homes wouldn’t lose value if you people were pleasant to be around. At the end of the day, there’s a very good reason people don’t want to live around most of you, and it isn’t because of your skin color. It’s because you’re all mostly horrible people to live around that have zero respect for anything, and anyone. That’s why. Crime goes up, and morals go down. Why would I, or anyone else, want to live around that?? And, fuck you, you worthless shit-for-brains, negro leach. Why is it that your own people don’t want to live around you?? Why do all of you follow white people everywhere they go, like a lost puppy?? You don’t like us, and we don’t like you. So, separate, and stay in your own neighborhoods. Simple. Like you.

    • lancia

      I am American of Italian and French decent.. I have spent 23 years in the u.s. military and lived all over the world. The worst people, most ignorant and violent are BLACKS ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA WHOM ENJOY MORE FREEDOM THAN BLACKS IN AFRICA, THEY SHOULD ALL GO BACK TO AFRICA OR GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

      COMPLETELY USELESS PARASITES , VIVA Italia i, viva gruppo Bianchi sempre!

    • chakablue1

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    • johnbull88

      Are German immigrants welcome ?

    • Martin

      Yes, Italians are racist only against black people.

    • kennsy


    • chakablue1

      Oh I’m not so sure about that because you might have some Irish, Jews, and Latino’s who would disagree with you on that one.

    • rocker77


  • Olivier Katombe

    History will Remember this outrage, make no mistake about it. This will go into the record along with Mussolini Fascism, as one of the lowest point in Italy’s history. Truly shameful.

  • MIGHTY WOMAN bite the flame

    Historical colonizers rebuke sharing. Italy is not immune to the rabid fear/hate disease. A superiority complex/bigotry is a filthy myopic form of humanity. Blackness, womanness, and change have poked the dirty Ape that is Italy. His Apeness is not pleased. Throw bananas of subservience, indifference, silence, staying in your place … He will then behave and mimic being human.

    • rocker77

      good. stop using our alphabet, engineering, philosophy, geography and political systems. don’t come to our country. fuck off and die in your African cesspool.

    • MIGHTY WOMAN bite the flame

      Hello MWBTF,

      I’m a demented, disease-minded, myopic life form, trolling and beating my cyber-courageous chest and desperately seeking attention from Blacks whom I secretly admire. Forgive my gross ignorance. I’m sure you understand that ignorance is as ignorance does.


      Planet Human Mimic

    • Philip Henderson

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    • Philip Henderson

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    • Mj

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    • Dave

      Why don’t Africans stay in their own countries, on their own continent, and try to invent things? You all hate us so much, yet you always want to be right up our asses. Funny how that works. You people live like savages and have no morals. We don’t want you here in Europe, and you’ll never be accepted here. Italy is for ITALIANS. Greece is for GREEKS. Norway is for NORWEGIANS. Get it?

    • Philip Henderson

      Dave: why don’t you fucking honkies stay in Europe and stop sucking the blood of the African people? Fucking Neanderthals!!!

    • Queer Supremacist

      After what they did to the Jews, gays, gypsies, the disabled, etc., those worthless cracker breeder goyim don’t deserve Europe either.

  • Dan

    There’s no such thing as racism. This was a term invented by the Marxist/Communist Bolshevik’s in Russia as a mind control mechanism. Its intent was to erode “pure” countries by making the native people feel guilty for loving their own culture, beliefs, history, and people. Communism is all about taking control of the population by any means necessary. They love to flood 1st world countries with 3rd world immigrants, that they know can’t assimilate with the native population. This creates public discontent, and moral decay. We were all put in separate places on the earth for a reason. It’s what nature intended. Everyone is primitive and tribal by nature. EVERY human being on the planet is primitive and tribal. It’s a defense mechanism that’s built into our brains for the survival of our own race/species. EVERYONE is “racist” and that’s okay. I like my family more than yours, does that make me a “familyist”? Now, do you see how ridiculous the term “racist” is? No one should ever feel guilty for wanting to protect their people, country, pride, traditions, customs, moral code, and land. PERIOD. End of story.

    • Queer Supremacist

      Then why do you white “people” try to take over everything?

  • abe_rombie

    Wow. Interesting to see all of these racist white people saying completely ignorant things about ALL blacks. This is so sad and typical. The stupidity is astounding.

  • Cummbottom

    When and were? Or dare say this about Italy. Not defending those whom
    bigoted! As Nordic region guess Italy. Was receptive towards immigrates
    especially. African origin oppose France not racism. Nationalism everyone
    cannot expect to receive. So called welcoming gather source. When emigrate to nation your. Struggle is retain your heritage those. Questioning
    immigration in Italy are become. New business elite? Hello going Italy receiving federal assistance. High inflation for EU presently. Now reverse this if Italians immigrate. To Africa would or could they. Be culturally accepted now the paradox. Prostitution,drug mules and car jacking usually.
    Africans yes nationalist going blame. Race so get facts together! Never mention exploiting masses Africa. Dictators protected by EU bankers!!!!


    I guess black people need to just disappear!! Very SAD in the 21st century for a nation that is supposed to be evolved but its people/leaders are devolving.

  • Garris Aaron


  • Garris Aaron



    i am italian and stupid politicians don’t speak in my name

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  • Danilo Romano

    well….. that’s bullshit. I live in Italy and i can ensure you that i do not see racism around (I live in Milan). That would take a lot to explain: our reception centers are FULL, we build houses for the homeless and or the immigrants but we have no money to build our own houses, so….no i sincerly think that’s just bullshit, we are not that racist; conversely i like black people, i have a lot of foreign friends

    • Paulos Kidane

      Many of the black people disagree with you.

  • Baffle

    Is it racist to want to live amongst your own kind. Multiracial society is inevitable especially today worldwide, and it opens peoples minds in countries but a limit is goid, an excessive amount of non white immigration that is going to pose a threat to thousands of years of race, history and culture of countries like Italy And od course the Italians want to protect that. The people who are to blame are not so much the Africans but the government for not tightening their borders abd controlling immigration. Also the money whites are exploiting you for cheap labour and you think they are doing you a favour. Do us all a favour go back to Africa Zambia, Namibia, Nigeria have good economies better than some European ecpnomies in dact qhich have been destroyed by the eurocrats. And you-ll be amonst your own kind which’ll rid resentment and racial tension. Why so you want to move to Europe for anyway?

  • Baffle

    Forgive the spelling mistakes I was using my mobile.

  • Paulos Kidane

    Doowops racist? Tell me something i didn’t know.

  • Lawrence

    There is no doubt there is still a Nazi legacy in Italy, a sexist racist mentality that still permeates Italian society, but give them time, this kind of ignorance takes a few generations to change, they’ll grow up eventually when hopefully the ignorant bigots die.
    But really with austerity these fascists creep out of the woodwork trying to point fingers at who is to blame and there is a nazi stink that has grown since the economic crash across all of Europe and certainly in the UK, don’t give in and don’t give up the fight.

  • Philip Henderson

    We don’t want you on this planet, now hang yourself guinea bastard.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Fuck you, you dirty wop. They have more right to that country than you greasy racist homophobic pigs do.

  • Paulos Kidane

    Than gtfo africa and leave every penny y’all stole from us back. Greasy wop.

  • Guest

    How do they have more rights than the Italians? Keep your African bullshit out of Europe you’re not needed here.