Haile Selassie with a Native American
Below is an excerpt taken from page 65 of the book “50th Anniversary of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I First Visit to the United States” (buy the book here). On Friday, June 18, 1954, Selassie touched down at Searcy Field airport in Oklahoma. The author, Ras Nathaniel, writes:

The Stars and Stripes and the green, gold, and red banner of Ethiopia hung from two new flag poles erected for the occasion at the Searcy Field airport. As the A&M band played, Haile Selassie I, who stood five feet four inches tall, emerged from the plane dressed in a field marshall’s sun tan dress uniform with nine rows of campaign ribbons (including the U.S. Legion of Merit) and carrying a very long leather swagger stick. His Imperial Majesty (as protocol required the Emperor to be called) gave a smart salute to his audience before being officially welcomed by President Willham, Stillwater’s Mayor A.B. Alcott, Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor James E. Barry, and Ambassador Simonson. The Emperor had requested an opportunity to see “an indian,” and Acee Blue Eagle, a well-known Native American artist from Okmulgee, in full headdress and buckskin clothing, presented Selassie with a war bonnet and gave him the name “Great Buffalo High Chief.”

More photos from this event can be seen here.

Haile Selassie in Oklahoma

Haile Selassie in Oklahoma


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Yoleine Tamari says:
November 23, 2012 at 4:19 pm

“Don’t let them fool you” The whole world never was any Native Friendly. Trust me they’re not going to be now.
Why they have Institutions, reservations, jails for the Native here, and in Canada??
Educate yourself people it’s all here. But your not going to find out on TV.
Read: “And my Grandma Said…By Tom Porter. The Real Deal


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