Seems Rick Ross has developed an affinity for Nigeria, if you recall his visit and recent collaboration with P-Square. No comment on this one.



3 Replies to "Video: Rick Ross ‘Hold Me Back (Nigeria)’"
selloutassasin says:
September 19, 2012 at 11:34 pm

This is gross. Money doesn’t buy good taste or wisdom.

September 21, 2012 at 8:43 am

It’s unclear what Ross — who has featured a music video with Nigerian pop stars before and has traveled elsewhere on the continent — or the directors of the video, listed as DRE Films & SpiffTV Films, tried to say with this video. Is it a statement against Igbo claims about the Biafran War in which nearly 3 million people lost their lives? Does Ross even know anything about Biafra. Or is this about Ross being a fan of soccer, especially of the Nigerian national team? …

The negative reaction against Ross is understandable, though misplaced (and boring). It’s like the cottage industry calling for “positive” news about “Africa” in Western media. But equally problematic are those praising Ross for “exposing” poor conditions in Lagos when Ross is merely using Nigeria as a backdrop to make him look hard: “We’re so hard we throw dollar bills off boats to poor kids in Nigeria.” And the references to the Biafra war and old soccer games are baffling. If he was trying to show how Nigerians are struggling with poverty or resisting their conditions, why not use more recent/relevant images like Occupy Nigeria?

September 24, 2012 at 1:09 pm

I found this commentary by By Tosin Adeda on notjustok very interesting. His arguments are quite strong…
“…That aside, I have some questions for those who feel insulted by the video being shot in the slums. Are the visuals of the video that of Nigeria or not? Is Nigeria a developed country? What does the average Nigerian worth? How much does the average Nigerian spend in a day? Is Nigeria a paradise for majority of Nigerians? Those people in the slums, are they lesser Nigerians than you are? Are you really offended because u feel bad for them or because of your own ego? Do you care about those particular set of people? Why do you have a problem with the whole world seeing how majority of Nigerians live? . . Answer those questions in your minds, they are rhetorical. …. Do you know the joy and happiness those people in the slums felt? Do you know what is means to be rejected by the govt of your own country, and left to live in permanent misery and poverty? Only to be remembered by a foreigner, who went ahead to shoot a video so that the we all can see their plight. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves, for feeling offended over the joy of Nigerians who got remembered for once in a very long while…”

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