South Africa’s polarizing rave rap experiment Die Antwoord are dropping their new album TEN$ION tomorrow on their own ZEF Records. Dutch broadcasting website 3VOOR12 has the entire thing streaming. Catch the music videos for lead-singles “Fok Julle Naaiers” and “I Fink U Freeky” (dir. by Roger Ballen). Stream TEN$ION below.

UPDATE: Watch Yo-Landi, Ninja and DJ Hi-Tek live on David Letterman, introduced as “a unique rap-rave group from Capetown, South Africa.” The crowd can be heard chuckling after the performance ends. Thoughts?


  • Kallie

    What does Okayafrica think?
    I could not help notice the audience laughter at the end of the performance.

  • Jairo

    I fink she scary and I want to be as far as possible from her

  • Sam

    Yeah, what does Okayafrica think? Not that you need to give a thumbs up or down, but come on, take the bull by the horns and give us some interesting analysis.

    As for my thoughts on the SNL vid? I think SNL was the wrong venue. There’s something charmingly amateurish and whack about their project, but it’s offset by a compelling aesthetic vision that only reveals itself over time. SNL was bound to be a disaster.

    • killakam

      thanks for the feedback. we’ve posted before on our divided love/dislike for DA. basically, they’re polarizing even within our own office.