The Simpsons‘ car breaks down in Little Ethiopia so Bart, Marge, and Lisa opt to (cautiously) experiment with “ethnic” food. It’s a good play on the sheltered-suburb-meets-diverse-city stereotype. Particularly the exoticization of Ethiopian and Korean food by the “foodies” that show up. The clip is a great commentary on the fact that much of America chooses to identify non-white culture as “ethnic” and “exotic,” ignoring white-European ethnicities all together. Lisa: “exotic… vegetarian.. I can mention it in a college essay… this is amazing!”


  • John Book

    I thought it was great that it did play up on some of the food fetishism of foodies. I also liked the Alicia Keys parody in the song done by Tim & Eric, who also appear in this episode in animated form.

  • Mikko

    Decent episode considering the overall current quality of the show.

    By the way, the font on this page looks pretty horrid with the newest Firefox.

  • angie

    Hahaa those “foodies” are so true to life