Today’s tracka de day comes our way from Africa Hitech, the collaborative and adventurous electronic music project from Steve Spacek and Mark Pritchard. “How Does It Make You Feel,” is their latest effort, a whimsical yet fresh, gritty and kinetic track. The M.O for this duo seems to be to pull together eclectic sounds that “should” clash – modern US and UK electronica and bass sounds, and beats from the West Indies and Africa – yet with these sounds they manage to create a cohesive blend that channels the best of London and Detroit club music. Check it out for yourself.

Africa Hitech – How Does It Make U Feel by Warp Records


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RomanHans says:
July 21, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Steve Spacek’s career should be closely followed by anybody who appreciates soul, electronica and funk. Under the name “Spacek,” his Curvatia and Vintage Hi-Tech are classics that challenge and also endlessly entertain.

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