Part Sudanese (who knew?), beat-maker, producer, rapper, and all around generally dope musician Oddisee drops a fresh new LP, Odd Seasons, which is in stores now c/o Mello Music Group.  Check out a free download below for the track “Al Mawrada,” which we’re officially naming our Tracka De Day today.  This afro-beat inspired groove seems to have been intentionally let out into the universe to tempt rappers to go in over the track with their own rhymes.  Also available is the double LP in vinyl form, with a free bonus 7″ that has two extra songs not on the album.



1 Replies to "Tracka De Day: Oddisee “Al Mawrada” Off New LP ‘Odd Seasons’"
June 16, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Odd I See, will alwas be the bess, ive been collectin allo his work, and i do not regret it, get ur share of odd music, you wont regret it, i mean i use somma his beats for my promotional sets on my side of the world, he needs not to stop makin the realness straight up & down….

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