Meta and the C Stones

Video: Meta and The Cornerstones “Cornerstone”

Music videos are great for a variety of reasons.  Some have state of the art graphics and effects, some are comedic, some have a viral element that makes them spread quickly through the internet, and others tell great stories and are thought provoking.   The video above by Meta and The Cornerstones, for the song “Cornerstone” from there album Forward Music, fits comfortably in the last category.  Senegalese lead singer Meta Dia turns in an impressive acting job in this moving tale of a young man who decides to get out of selling drugs after a very close call with the cops.  Director Toni Comas (Uoon Productions) matched the feelings delivered by the song with precision, without any special effects.  Check out more from Meta and the Cornerstones at  Also, keep watching for the credits, it’s cute.