The premise for Coldplay‘s latest music video is that an elephant Chris Martin escapes from the British zoo and makes it down to “Paradise,” aka South Africa’s Karoo Desert. At the climax, the whole animal-costumed band plays for a stadium audience. It’s all very Flaming Lips and kind of reminds us of the plot to Madagascar. Not quite sure what to think here. Are there any elephants in the Karoo? Watch above.


  • Luso

    You’re pretty sure huh? Well check again. Elephant habitats have been shifting continuously especially since human populations keep encroaching into less dense areas, and herding animals into ‘reserves’ I find the video soulful, almost a plea to free animals that don’t belong in zoos and return them to where they belong. Hello Ohio, bring back our “exotic animals” if you can’t take care of them.

  • killakam

    Thanks for the insight, Luso. Hear you on that Ohio business