Shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Zakee‘s latest video for his newest single “Glory” – off the upcoming Assimilations (Sept 13/Green Owl/WBR) – was directed by Zakee himself, along with Fernando Reginato.  According to Zakee, it was his travels to Africa and Brazil that inspired this song.  Apparently time in Rio de Janeiro led to a true spiritual journey for Zakee, allowing him time to reflect upon the intimate subject matter of the poor, mistreated youth and underdogs of society – which is what “Glory” is all about.  Get into the electro bass driven rhythm right here.


  • James

    Green Owl Records/Warner Music Group
    Director – Fernando Reginato
    Singer/Songwriter – Zakee
    Actor – André Ramiro
    Executive Producer – Aahmek Richards
    DOP – Igor Sales
    Steadecam/Co-cinematography – Gu Ramalho
    Editor – Tiago Feliciano
    Producer – Edu Rodrigues & Rogerio Cubas (
    Masks – OESTUDIO
    Post Production – Fernando Reginato
    Thanks to Comunidade da Rocinha, Comunidade dos Prazeres, Comunidade Santa Marta, OESTUDIO, Benjamin Bronfman and a special thanks to André Ramiro for sharing his time with us!
    Thanks so much!
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