Solange Declares 'I Am a Proud Black Feminist' In Bust Magazine and We're Here For It

Here are some of our favorite gems from Solange's interview with Bust Magazine on black feminism, the power of the internet and more.

Oh, Solange. I have always admired her for being a wildly fashionable, deeply soulful and emphatic artist and performer with a passion for the unique and unconventional. But lately, Solange has been even more outspoken about something that is very dear to her heart, and mine, and hopefully yours: feminism. And it’s a better time than ever to be outspoken about equality, especially since she has the platform to inspire instrumental change through her music and words.

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4 Ways Solange's Conversation with Beyoncé Has Gems for Days

Beyoncé interviewed Solange about her journey to 'A Seat at the Table.' Need we say more?

Beyoncé should conduct interviews more often.

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Watch Solange (and Sampha) Slay on SNL With ‘Cranes in the Sky’ and ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’

Solange made her Saturday Night Live debut with performances of A Seat at the Table’s ‘Cranes in the Sky’ and ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ featuring Sampha.

To quote Mike Birbiglia's character in the SNL-themed comedy-drama Don’t Think Twice (which I coincidentally saw tonight), “You never know if it was good when you were little or you were just little so you didn't know. It's the great paradox of [Saturday Night Live] is ‘was it good ever?’”

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