A Plea for the Living and Unborn: Reflections On an Abortion

A father-to-be reflects on asking his partner to get an abortion she didn't want and wonders what could have been.

Dear beloved,

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Why Does Nick Cannon Think Planned Parenthood Practices Eugenics?

Nick Cannon's belief that Planned Parenthood is involved in genocide has deep roots.

Why does Nick Cannon blame a women’s healthcare non-profit for committing genocide against black people? Why does Nick Cannon have such terrible taste in turbans? There’s a lot we will probably never know about what drive’s Nick Cannon and that’s fine because like fake news, Nick Cannon should be for entertainment purposes only. But also like fake news, Nick Cannon is capable of causing real damage to people’s lives if not countered with actual facts. So here are some facts.

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A South African Writer is Helping Women Share Their Abortion Stories

South African women are sharing their abortion stories to shed light on the stigma still attached to abortion.

In her column for the Sunday newspaper City Press, South African freelance writer Joonji Mdyogolo has written extensively about how women are portrayed in the media. She has also written about the lack of female voices in print media, among other issues mostly concerning women. Last week, she wrote about the stigma attached to abortion.

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