In Photos: Stunning Portraits of Zanzibaris Donning the Classic Kofia

An intimate look at the brimless hat that makes Zanzibari men and boys look effortlessly hip and cool in photos.

OkayAfrica caught up with award-winning documentary photographer, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, of bi-annual journal Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora, who recently worked on projects in Zanzibar, Tanzania. While taking the beautiful enclave of a city in, Barrayn was captivated by the kofia—a brimless hat you'll often see worn by boys and men all along the Swahili coast—and had to capture them portrait style.

"Even though I don't consider myself a fashionista, I'm Muslim and I've always been tuned into how modesty and fashion play out in Islam and also how it varies from community to community. Also, I travel a lot so I always pay attention what the local or regional Islamic fashions are in that area or country," Barrayn says, explaining what drew her to photograph portraits featuring the kofia.

"I've spent a lot of time in West Africa working on photo projects so, I've gotten used to the knit cotton kufis. It's the one that was made popular by the independence activist, Amílcar Cabral of Guinea Bissau back in the 60s. I've also seen a lot of the varied styles of kufis in Nigeria. But when I was on Unguja Island in Zanzibar, I really fell in love with the colors and the way the men would fold or shape their kofia. I loved that the kofia was worn with the kanzus (the long flowing robes) to sportswear, jeans and other casual dress. It just fit and was so decidedly Zanzibari."

She continues:

"It's really interesting because all over the Swahili coast, the kofia is worn, and that is because that region was once part of the Omani empire until the Zanzibari Revolution of 1964. In fact, in Oman, you can still see the colorful Swahili influence in the clothing and headgear, like the kofia, for instance."

Barrayn also notes how much the kofia was a touch of style that made a whole look much more elegant and can pull an entire look together. With her photo essay below, she hopes to tell a fashion story about Muslim men that showcases an elegance in their style through this particular headdress. "I also want to show one of the many variations of culture-based style in the Islamic world," she adds.

Take a look at these stunning portraits featuring the kofia below.

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Top 10 African Menswear Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram

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In no particular order, meet our favorite African men’s style bloggers of 2017 below.

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2. Noble Igwe

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Noble Igwe is a Nigerian blogger and founder of 360nobs Group, an online magazine focused on news, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle. His mogul ventures have named him as one of Nigeria’s well-known creative entrepreneurs. Igwe’s successful brand is one to stay woke with; make sure to visit his website to keep up with this creative powerhouse.

3. Lourens Gebhardt

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4. Laduma Ngxokolo

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5. Mohcine Aoki Harris

Mohcine Aoki Harris is a Moroccan blogger, model and photographer. Mochine’s street style with a bit of everyday chic is the perfect demonstration a young men transitioning to a grown man. He has a clear grasp of when, where and how to convey a certain look. Follow his blog here.

6. Franklin Saiyalel

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7. Allen A. Coleman

Allen Coleman is a Ghanaian menswear blogger and street style/product photographer. He uses his blog to celebrate different forms of street style and his minimalist sense of style. In the bio of Allen’s website he says, “ is simply a doorway into the journey of man who is infatuated with the beauty of his world.” Do yourself a favor and check out his beauty of art through his lenses and the way he sees himself in that world.

8. Trevor Stuurman

A post shared by Trevor (@trevor_stuurman) on

Trevor Stuurman is a South African blogger, multimedia visual artist and a DAMN good dresser. He has an flawless eye for dressing well with his sharp Afrocentric sets, hats and constant culture appreciation. Did I mention his camera skills are breathtaking? Check Trevor's blog out on Tumblr for more.

9. Steven Onoja

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10. Igee Okafor

A post shared by Igee Okafor (@igeeokafor) on

Igee Okafor uses is lifestyle blog to learn and create conversation about the growth and culture for menswear. He uses is travel experiences from Paris, Spain, Virginia and his Nigerian culture to navigate is fashion sense. With his witty smile, vibrant colors, and effortlessly fresh approach he is sure to add to the list as one of the best to follow—check out his blog here.


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