The Stories You Need to Know: Nigeria's Wealth Inequality, Ugandan Sim Cards and More

From Nigeria's billionaires to Ugandans getting their sim cards verified, here are the stories you need to know.

DIASPORA—The New York Times has come under fire for referring to Sarah Baartman, an enslaved South African woman from the 1800s who was forced to perform in freak shows due to her large buttocks as "a Kim Kardashian of another era."

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Afropreneurs: This Startup Is Helping Millennials Find Hassle-Free Apartment Rentals

Whose Your Landlord is the company helping young adults navigate America's ever-changing housing market.

For most students and young professionals, first apartments are a painful rite of passage. The lessons often start after the first week: a sputtering air conditioner or the sinking realization that mice are noisy roommates. While not all landlords are exploitative, the fierce competition for housing in America’s largest cities puts young tenants at a disadvantage.

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Arts + Culture

Afropreneurs: How These Coworking Spaces Navigate Ghana's Startup Ecosystem

The growth of Ghana’s startup community and expansion of resources signals that the Black Stars are on the rise.

When Makafui Ayimey left his job as communications manager to launch his startup, Accra Goods Market, searching for an office space in a city of sky-high rents seemed daunting. “I wanted an affordable space, and the ability to network with like-minded entrepreneurs,” he says. But with the average monthly office rent in Accra hovering around $1.63 per square foot—a price comparable to office rents in Atlanta and Dallas—securing a space seemed near impossible.

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