The Okayafrica team is dedicated to bringing you the latest from Africa’s New Wave; with more than half the population in many African nations under 25, the bright continent is currently undergoing an explosion of vibrant new music, fashion, art and political expression. These are the people that make it all happen!

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Ginny “Gingerlynn” Suss

Ginny Suss learned everything she needed to know about rhythm and melody from Michael Jackson (R.I.P.). She often spins her Bad picture disc, cranking up “Man In The Mirror,” her cat’s favorite song. Her favorite possessions are her Wu-Tang earrings, her Fela vinyl, her Punky Brewster DVD collection, and her Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots. She once won a bet with ?uestlove by holding 50 popsicle sticks in her mouth for 5 minutes. It wasn’t fun. Fashion icons include Bea Arthur, Grace Jones, and Wendy & Lisa.


Vanessa “Without Borders” Wruble

Vanessa Wruble is always looking for an excuse to set up residency in the tropics, which is how she ended up living in Sierra Leone and writing commonsensical books about Gabon, Sao Tome, Equatorial Guinea, and Nigeria. Quite accidentally she’s in the top 1 percentile of all the people on earth for knowing the mostest about Fela Kuti. Constantly suffering from FOMO, she knew she needed to be on the forefront of all that’s happening in African youth and subculture, and now she is.


Head of Video

Allison Swank

Allison Swank is the accidental socialite. She’s everywhere and nowhere at once. She’s obsessed with the new new from the continent and is convinced that she and Nelson Mandela share a kindred spirit (they’re both Cancerians). In the next life she’ll come back as Bono so she can genuinely make a difference in the lives of Westerners seeking consumerism with iSubstance. All Swank…no soda.


Music Editor

Kam Tambini

Kam Tambini is the kid in the corner.

Content Manager

Alyssa Klein

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