Miss Tati Turns an Empty Swimming Pool Into the Perfect Dance Floor in ‘Again and Again’

Miss Tati and her dancers take over a huge empty pool in the new music video for “Again and Again.”

The Portuguese-Angolan singer mentions that her house single is “about being both restless and hopeful – but also quite predictable. Like when you waste hours getting ready for a night out, meanwhile thinking that tonight – tonight is THE night – only, once again, to end up at home with a take away hot dog in your bag as company.”

“Again and Again” comes to live in this new clip with the aide of choreographers Hugo Marmelada and Liliana Palanca, who twist and shake out some incredible moves that transform the the bottom of a drained pool into a surprisingly suitable dance floor.

Watch our premiere of the SJAU and Kieran Kolle-directed music video above.