Okayafrica's Top 13 Films of 2013

Okayafrica selects the 10 best African films of 2013, including movies by Alain Gomis, Kenneth Gyang, Marguerite Abouet, Neill Blomkamp & Andrew Dosumnu

Mother of George (dir. Andrew Dosunmu)

With cinematography by Sundance award-winning Bradford Young and styling by Mobolaji DawoduAndrew Dosunmu's Mother of George is without a doubt the most visually sumptuous film of the year. Like Dosunmu’s first feature Restless City (2010), Mother of George is fluid and impressionistic, and privileges the power of gesture to tell a story. The opening shots of his second, more plot-driven feature, embed us in the exquisite detail and elaborate beauty of a Nigerian wedding in New York. Gorgeous as it is, these opening scenes are shot through with both the warmth and security of familial love, and the familial expectations and keenly-policed cultural norms that can characterise close-knit communities. Moving performances from a stellar cast (both Danai Gurira and Isaach de Bankole deserve special mention) unfold a story of love, longing, heartbreak and meddling mothers-in-law - it's a Naija film after all.

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