DJ Juba's ‘Assurance’ Podcast Focuses On Female DJs in the Global South
Photo: Jacqueline Loaiza.

DJ Juba's ‘Assurance’ Podcast Focuses On Female DJs in the Global South

The project is a follow-up to her documentary which follows the experiences of female DJs in Nigeria.

The new Assurance Podcast is a follow-up to Juba's documentary, also titled Assurance. The 35-minute long documentary took an in-depth look at the experiences of three Lagos-based DJs: Sensei Lo, DJ Yin and DJ Ayizan. In her new podcast series, Juba directs this conversation to women DJs across the Global South.

"Last year I released 'Assurance' a documentary that I made about the experiences of female DJs in Nigeria and the obstacles that they face both on and off the dancefloors of Lagos," she tells OkayAfrica, "After its release, I realized that there were so many other stories to explore and I wanted to continue the conversations that were started with the first documentary."

The 6-part series will reflect on their personal journeys, their music scenes, and how their social contexts impact their careers and lives. Juba sees this project as an addition to new perspectives in the music industry's gender imbalance debate. "Assurance focused on women in Lago's music scene, but overall Assurance is about spotlighting voices away from the European and North American club scenes which tend to dominate in conversations around gender and representation in music.

Juba is also the co-founder of Boko! Boko!, a collective that works towards increased female representation in DJ booths and show lineups. Her podcast is sponsored by adidas and Zalando as part of their #ShareHerPower campaign, which is set to promote sisterhood over competition.

You can now listen to the first episode of the podcast series, featuring Ugandan DJ and writer Kampire.