Freddie Joachim + Yusai [Mellow Orange] Talk Upcoming South Africa Tour

Freddie Joachim + Yusai [Mellow Orange] Talk Upcoming South Africa Tour

Freddie Joachim and Yusai spoke to Okayafrica in the lead-up to their upcoming November South Africa tour.

OKA: So Dom, what about Freddie Joachim and Yusai inspired your choice to bring them down?

Dom: Freddie Joachim is really a one of a kind producer, he invades your eardrums with very laid back, jazzy grooves that are largely instrumental affairs and is very consistent with the work he releases. Freddie and his label partners Question & Yusai are all about making good music accessible which is evident via all the free releases they push out on the regular through their label Mellow Orange. It was actually on our wish list last year to bring him out on this exact date so thanks to the powers of the internet and a little bird, we managed to bring our dream into reality. Like the saying goes, true hard work does eventually pay off!

OKA: Indeed, folks have been killing themselves with anticipation, so let’s not keep them waiting any longer. Let’s start with the “where.” Where are the events happening in Cape Town and Joburg respectively, and why those spots?

Dom: We wanted to create a demand and some interest in the artist and the brand first before announcing any solid dates and venues so we decided to bring out the info in stages. One of our aims from the onset has always been to associate ourselves with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs who, like ourselves, understand the challenges that come with pushing boundaries and original, innovative ideas. I really think that for the first time we’ve managed to create a very unique offering with regards to all our choices of venues respectively.

Cape Town’s main event is happening on Thursday the 28th November at Truth Coffee in the CBD and the meet‘ngreet is taking place at Boaston Society. We are rather excited about both venues as they provide very eccentric and individual characteristics that are quite unassuming. We are all about moving away from the typical and creating a new experience for our audiences that has never taken place before. The JHB installment features a meet’ngreet info session at Warm & Glad and the main event will take place at King Kong in Troyeville on Saturday the 30th November. Besides just the music program the JHB event will also host a special exhibition feature by R!OT who is a Zimbabwean born, self developed artist and has been described as a contemporary illustrator, activist, street artist and multi-disciplinary graphic designer.

OKA: I’ve seen some of R!OT’s stuff, it’s pretty killer. Ok guys, truthfully, what were your first thoughts when WeHeartBeat approached you about touring Cape Town and Johannesburg? What have your experiences of South Africa been like, if any, and what have you heard about what goes on down here?

Y: To be honest we weren’t jumping up and down with joy or anything.

OKA: …

Y: No really. Many promoters have approached us in the past, only to have our negotiation fall short in the end. We are very excited and honored to have this opportunity finalized with the help of WeHeartBeat. (Huge shouts to the staff at WeHeartBeat for making this tour happen!!) This is going to be our first time visiting SA. I’ve only heard or read about the youth-cultural movement in South Africa involving music, fashion, lifestyle, etc, and I’m looking forward to the experience. We hope to be back with the rest of the MO family sometimes next year!!

Dom: It’s going to be amazing. A session like this really allows you to understand the creative processes behind the art a little more as well as help promote the genre itself.

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