Annie and Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia at the reception of their vow renewal ceremony in season one

Annie and Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia at the reception of their vow renewal ceremony in season one.

Photo by Mosa Hlophe/Netflix.

5 Standout Moments From ‘Young, Famous and African’ Season 2

The return of the Netflix reality show sticks to its template, but trades more screen time for bigger, buzzier moments.

The second season of Young, Famous and African doubles down on its original conceit.

By throwing in new cast members (Fantana, Bonang Matheba, and Luis Munana), bonds and alliances of the first crew are further tested. The private jet rendezvous between Diamond Platnumz and his love interest Fantana is how the season ends. And while there are no cliffhangers — will there even be a third season? — the show returns with bigger moments that are worth taking stock of.

The fairytale vow renewal between Annie and 2Baba Idibia was season one’s highlight, leaving a sweet aftertaste as viewers watch the next installment. South Africa is again the geographical stage on which our A-list stars trot from Johannesburg to Cape Town for high-budget meet-ups. Beach picnics, boat brunches, and a mountainside excursion expands the country’s outdoor experience this time.

In a surprise turn of events, Annie and Swanky’s exemplary friendship is now a bed of animosity. The details surrounding their relationship’s downward slide is kept under wraps, only teased in bits to maintain technical suspense. Zari, Diamond’s baby mama, is still at the nexus of most conflicts as the old group absorbs new characters.

With nine episodes, themes like surrogacy, slut-shaming, and male vulnerability mop out some of the cultivated vanity the show is steeped in. While it follows the rules of reality TV archetypes, the show might have developed its own charming pulse. Here are the moments that made a huge impression on us.

2Baba’s wayward opinion on cheating

2Baba’s marriage to Annie might as well be the show’s plot engine. The couple’s outsize celebrity is interesting all by itself, and factoring in their beleaguered marriage is just god-tier reality material. A little recap: 2Baba first appeared later on in season one. In a communication loop that Annie wasn’t aware of, he flew from Nigeria to South Africa to surprise her. A romantic evening becomes an event in the run-up to their vow renewal, celebrating a decade in matrimony.

2Baba’s fostering children with other women is already public knowledge, but the revelations at the time had put a huge strain on Annie. Annie getting married again to him was supposed to signal a new blissful beginning. In episode three, though, during a dinner put together by Andile, 2Baba dropped a bombshell. To paraphrase: he said men are wired to cheat and everyone at the table looked quietly shocked.

Nadia might have stoked him on, but his comments at this juncture in time demonstrated a lack of respect for his wife, who was sitting next to him. What he said traveled as soundbites on social media, with many inclined to believe he will always be a philanderer.

Swanky Jerry’s Questionable Style

As one of Africa’s top stylists, Swanky Jerry as a cast member fits so well in the visual aesthetic of Young, Famous and African. Having styled a vast number of African A-listers, the show now holds up a mirror to how Swanky would style himself. From heeled boots, capey jackets, and oversized shades to monogrammed handbags, he does love arriving fashionably late when meeting other cast members.

However, his style in season two has been a little amiss. His penchant for overdressing, for one, especially in the diary room with the Ndebele choker he accessorizes with almost anything. At a basketball court with the guys, Swanky showed up swathed in a blanket, causing DJ Naked to ask in amusing disbelief, “Who wears a blanket to a basketball game?”

The same sentiment reared up at the beach, with the women, where Swanky arrived overdressed and Kayleigh couldn’t help but point it out.

Luis accused of slut-shaming and misogyny

Newcomer Luis Mutana from Namibia is trying to settle into the group. He’s developed a bit of a romantic interest in Fantana, a new face and a dancehall artist from Ghana, courting her for dates. A misunderstanding between Luis and another new character Bonang Matheba, a South African media personality, which happened way before the show, prompts a get-together to allow them to meet face to face.

This happens in episode four. Fantana is explaining to the group Diamond’s interest in her, expressing autonomy to do whatever she wants, when Luis politely says he doesn’t want her to have a sex scandal whereby society sees her as a slut. Her music is far more important, according to him.

Bonang is slighted by this. And although she makes a good point of showing the misogynistic double standards around what women can’t do with their bodies, she frames Luis’ civil advice as direct slut-shaming without giving him room to explain himself.

Luis’ Surrogacy Pursuit


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While Luis is still much of an outsider, he’s been able to confide in someone. Enter Khanyi, who he tells that he’s considering finding a surrogate. On the surface, the reason for Luis’ need for a surrogate is so strange. And when the information leaks to other members of the group, Luis is seen as a creep.

He’s severely misjudged. It’s only when Andile sits him down for a talk that we get to see the whole picture. Excommunicated from the church for having sex on Big Brother Africa, he was also prohibited from talking to friends and family members who go to the same church. As such, he craves family. A child in this case, whether the mother is involved or not.

It’s the only time we see Luis emotionally vulnerable, and it’s possible because Andile created a safe environment for him to do so. The depiction of male vulnerability was commendable.

Annie and Swanky’s Fallout

Aside from their bonds as Nigerians, Annie and Swanky’s iron-cast friendship predates the show. In some way, their dynamic has been a mood barometer of the overall group’s dynamic. Their fallout, as we saw over a handful of episodes, reverberated into their relationships with other cast members.

What caused a rift between them is too long to unpack, but their friendship spiraled into something cold and unrecognizable. The first attempt to set aside their differences was unsuccessful. After Andile stepped in, acting as a mediator, their friendship was mended back. And it turned out to be the most emotional moment of the season.