Subterranean Wavelength: The Key Players In Joburg’s Beat Scene + Mixtape Premiere

A look at the key players in Joburg's beat scene (Escapism Refuge, Hlasko, Hawkword, Micr.pluto, The Watermark High) + Subterranean Wavelength premiere.


Experimental bass music has a new African vanguard and its high priest is transcendental broken beat producer Hlasko. His astro-spiritual compositions make use of digitalized palates to create feral existentialist soul music, fusing science with witchcraft. There’s a dark haunting beauty to his style. You are bound to be captured in the hypnosis of the brooding chants of his vocals and ethereal riffs woven into macabre triumphant melodies like a nightmare that leaves you more enchanted than afraid. More moved than disturbed. His name defines the contemporary afro-futurist revolution... and it’s here to stay. His debut release compiled of his iconic remixes and Soundcloud joints entitled Songs Of An Ancient Alien Tribe came out on the 3rd of October last year and his first official project is expected to drop before the end of this year. Stay glued to your calendars for this one.

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