Instagramming The Diaspora

Okayafrica looks at ten of the best accounts Instagramming Africa and the Diaspora, including work from Mambu Bayoh and Francis Kokoroko.

In their article #InstagramingAfrica: The Narcissism of Global Voluntourism Lauren Kascak and Sayantani DasGupta observe the three common types of photographs "voluntourists" share via social media whilst abroad in Africa: "The Overseas Selfie," "The Suffering Other" and of course "The Self-Directed Samaritan." While photos from the motherland have the opportunity to "completely change a woman's Facebook profile picture," as witnessed in a satirical piece published on the Onion, the phenomenon of instagramming the diaspora as a one-dimensional, disease and poverty afflicted land of the suffering is a monotonous narrative that has grown tiresome. What social media has also allowed, however, is the capacity to share other narratives about life in Africa. From portraits and landscapes to quotidian activities, here is a list of ten of our favorite Instagram accounts chronicling life throughout the black diaspora.

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