Josef Adamu. Photo by Amarachi Nwosu.

Josef Adamu Is the Nigerian-Canadian Creative Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Storytelling

We speak with the founder and director of Sunday School on the rapid growth of the platform and how to build a strong brand.

The balance between muse and creator can be difficult for many, but Nigerian-Canadian artist Josef Adamu is proving that with hard work, research and consistency, anything is possible.

Beyond being a model, he is a creative director, producer and photographer from Toronto, Canada. He is the founder of creative platform, Sunday School and has worked with artists including Jazz Cartier and Mick Jenkins, whom he has helped develop through visual branding. His platform and agency focuses on unique storytelling that sheds light on identity, fashion and culture and has gotten praise from influential figures like Lupita N'yongo.

While Adamu only started the platform a year ago, he's been building his own unique creative identity combining his African heritage and city upbringing to shed light on human emotion, movement and design at its essence. Although mainstream creative agencies tend to lack in diverse teams and ideas, Adamu wants to combat this problem by creating a space for people of all backgrounds to tell stories. By mixing storytelling, strategy and innovative strides in media, Sunday School is an agency to look out for.

Check out our conversation with Josef Adamu below to get an idea of his process and approach to building a strong brand.

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