South Africa Reframed
Collage by Ta'Ron Joyner

Reading for the End of the World

South African writer Bongani Kona gives us his reading list for the apocalypse.

This essay is part of OkayAfrica's SA Reframed series, featuring personal writing from some of South Africa's best young writers edited by Verashni Pillay.

There have been times in my life when I read as much as a book a week. But that avid reader is a stranger to me now; a stranger from a time when we could breathe in the air outside without being afraid.

That's all changed.

So is it absurd to recommend books to read during a global pandemic; when so many of us are — literally and figuratively — struggling to breathe? Or perhaps literature and art can provide the very consolation we need.

I'm too much on edge nowadays to read as much as I did before but the following are books I find myself returning to, in search of beauty, prescience, and instruction on how to live with loss.

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