Last year, Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie Marley travelled to Africa to film Marley Africa Roadtrip — a Discovery Channel documentary that follows the brothers’ motorcycle trip through the continent (although it appears from the trailer that they’re only in South Africa) in search of “their father’s dream of a unified Africa:”

In 1980, thirty years before the brother’s trip, their father Bob Marley performed at the Independence Concert in Zimbabwe. Ziggy was with him on that trip and it is something that he reflects on regularly, “… What we’re trying to do is keep one of the dreams that my father and the forefathers of African liberation had in mind, which is for real African unity.” (DC)

Watch a preview of the series above and head here for a full schedule on Marley Africa Roadtrip airdates.


  • Frederik Deekman

    I find it really woderful ,That this generation Marleys wil try to unite Africa This si the wish of all black people
    and me myself want to be part of it and I think the president of the United States also.I am from hollan I am born and rased here in Amsterdam. I would like to help you to come to holland during the Kwakoe Festiful in Amsterdam. I am very clad to see the Mareys have these thinkings God will surely bless them.Thank you mi brothers for triyng to united black people