Courtesy of the artist and of ADA \ contemporary art gallery.

Spotlight: Sensuality Meets Acceptance in Zandile Tshabalala's Self-Portraits

Get familiar with the provocative works of Soweto-born South African artist, Zandile Tshabalala.

In our 'Spotlight' series, we highlight the work of photographers, visual artists, multimedia artists and more who are producing vibrant, original work. In our latest piece, we spotlight South African self-portrait artist Zandile Tshabalala. Her debut solo exhibition titled "Enter Paradise" is set to be showcased at the ADA \ contemporary art galleryin Accra, Ghana from February 25th to *March 26th. The exhibition features acrylic paintings depicting sensuous Black women at one with their bodies and sexual nature. Follow Tshabalala's work on both Facebook and Instagram.

*The exhibition has now been extended to April 18th.

Responses have have been edited for length and clarity.

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