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Photo via Siya Beyile's Instagram page.

5 Episodes from Siya Beyile's Podcast #TheThreadedExchange You Should Listen To

The South African creative's engaging podcast explores the lives of young African entrepreneurs.

"African entrepreneurship" is a topic that has become inescapable in the last few years, from panels at development conferences to aunties telling you to "get creative and start something new" when you complain about the job market.

Siya Beyile's podcast, #TheThreadedExchange, finds a way to makes stories about African entrepreneurship more personal, political, and sometimes even emotional.

Beyile, the founder of the styling consultancy and magazine The Threaded Man, creates a show that feels like listening in to new friends talking about surviving "the industry." His guests are young black South African entrepreneurs, and Beyile is able to create a sense of intimacy on the show because he relates to their struggles. The discussions vary with topics like finding the right investors, African men and depression, romance and entrepreneurship, and how starting a business ages you emotionally.

The show airs every Tuesday on Cliff Central. Guests have included Masonwabe Ntloko, Laduma Ngxokolo, Aphiwe Mkefe, Langa Mavuso, Lulama Wolf, Lerato Kgamanyane and many more.

Here are highlights from five episodes, including some older ones, that show why #TheThreadedExchange is worth listening to.

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Last night, on Comedy Central's the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie sat down with Trevor Noah to discuss feminism and her book Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions.

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Photo courtesy of Nsimba Valene Lontanga.

NextGen: Nsimba Valene Lontanga Is Using Art Direction and Trend Research to Highlight Africa's Diversity

The Congolese art director, fashion designer and entrepreneur is on a mission to foster the power African creatives already have.

This week, we published short profiles, essays and interviews on the theme of "Afrofutures". Together these stories were a deep dive into the way African and diaspora thinkers, technologists and artists view a future for Africans in the world and outside of it.

Take a look at our introduction to Afrofuturism here, with the second edition of the conversation here.

We've highlighted and celebrated young, leading talents who already put into practice what a future with black people look like through their work in the return of our profile series, 'NextGen.'

Nsimba Valene Lontanga is an art director, fashion designer, trend forecaster and entrepreneur hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The bombshell intriguingly holds many hats. She has launched a line based in Ghana, Libaya, lingala for 'women's top' and more recently, Fofa, "an online database offering an archive of trailblazers influencing the African narrative."

Lontanga's love of fashion unsurprisingly comes from a Congolese upbringing in which her parents placed a heavy emphasis on how they dressed and presented themselves. She was raised in the Netherlands and has always had a desire to create. Lontanga began painting to reflect an Africa she was proud of. Later, she studied trend research and concept design and decided to do a project related to trend forecasting on the African continent. It is through her research that she discovered creatives telling stories pertaining to the Africa she always imagined. Everything naturally progressed from here.

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