Tinariwen were recently joined onstage by Flea and Josh Klinghoffer of Red Hot Chili Peppers for an extended jam on 2007 Aman Iman LP track “Cler Achel”.  The Tuareg band’s been rubbing elbows with a slew of big names recently — most notably collaborating TV on the Radio, playing with Bono and being interviewed by Stephen Colbert.

Tinariwen will be releasing a special edition of their, album of the year choice, Tassili for Record Store day which will include remixes from Animal Collective and Four Tet. Watch the clip above and see the full remix tracklist below.

Tassili Remixes:
1) Tenere Taqhim Tossam – Four Tet Remix
2) Imidiwan Ma Tenam – Portugal. The Man Remix
3) Imidiwan Ma Tenam – Galactic
4) Tameyawt – Deakin of Animal Collective Remix

(H/T RS)

EDIT: Afropop has a convoluted piece on the failure of music media covering Tinariwen but not addressing the current situation in Mali — in which they directly link to this article as an example. The omission of the Mali coup was simply due to unfamiliarity with the topic. Basically, as a music writer I don’t want nor desire to delve into a political issue I’m not well schooled in. Regardless, there should’ve been a mention of the Mali situation, if only brief, in the post. Read about it from the pros. And look for a proper article on it here soon from a someone that can properly/fairly address the issue.


  • Miz G

    Tinariwen has been very upfront about how they began and the content of their songs address this ongoing political issue that has shaped their lives. Any investigation into their lyrics should have given you as a journalist some insight into this situation. If you’re not willing to go there (politically) then maybe this isn’t a band you should cover. Stephen Colbert did a recent interview where they talked the situation! We can read what the “pros” have to say about the situation, but through interviews with the band (which I don’t know if you’ve done) or thoughtful music journalism, the west would benefit greatly by getting some insight directly from the band.