ivory coast soul 2
Following an excellent first installment, Ivory Coast Soul is back with Afrofunk in Abidjan 1976-1981, a new collection of vintage horn-flanked tunes from the often musically-overlooked West African nation. The rare, and often unreleased, tracks were compiled by vinyl digger Djamel Hammadi aka Afrobrazilero — who overcame “fake policemen at border controls, political instabilities, deep economic crisis, malaria and one big fear when he opened a vinyl box in a small abandoned bus station and found a Scorpio” to dig up these sounds — and then licensed by DJ Julien Lebrun. Stream the entire release below and grab it now from Hot Casa Records.


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  • http://jaiencoredormitard.tumblr.com Ib Johnson

    I think the track 10 isn’t from Lougah. I’m pretty sure there is a mistake.

    • james

      is maybe the seller in afro music
      thank,s to hot casa records for this great compilation

  • paulo

    Pierre Antoine mmm interesting not a very good example of the wonderful music from cote d ivoire as hes from Sierre Leone and the band is from Ghana. stick to what your best at Djamel selling poor quality scratched records on Ebay

    • david

      pierre antoine is from ivory coast my man paulo
      and afrobrazilero say il s’en fout des jaloux
      good day my man

    • peter

      paulo look the feedback of afrobrazilero 100 % positive feedback .
      is great seller and great specialist of afro music .
      is friendly seller
      i forget pierre antoine is from ivory coast not sierra leone

  • Abidjan Godeba

    Cool mix but “often musically-overlooked West African nation”? You can’t be serious. Meiway, Magic Système, Alpha Blondy, the entire zouglou, mapouka, coupe-décale movement originated in CI.

  • francois

    eh johnson arrete la drogue l,le track est bien un morceau de francois lougah bravo sotra lp
    francois lougah BADMOS BLP 5023
    merci a hot casa pour leur superbe travail .