Nigerian Prostitutes offer free sex if the super eagles win

Apparently, the Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (ANP) has not only congratulated the Super Eagles on their advancement to the semi-finals, they’re also promising one week of free sex if the Nigerian football team comes back home with a win.

We didn’t know that the ANP is real, and we’re not sure if its existence is a good thing (prostitutes forming a union is supposed to be a good thing, right?) However, we are pretty sure Nigeria’s prostitutes aren’t making enough to be offering free sex. This offer also trivializes prostitution and sex trafficking in Nigeria, as well as most other parts of the world – often an industry that endangers women and young girls. In conclusion: FOH to “free sex”, joke or not. Extra wide side eye going on over here.



  • AZpomegranate

    What?!?!?!? how about maybe some of these guys have wives and girlfriends and don’t want any STD infested coochie from a prostitute. Or better yet, they’re athletes so they probably have plenty of women who aren’t prostitutes throwing themselves at them anyway… smh, this is crazy.

  • Blessedjerro

    Dis is diabolic,unGodly,sacrillegeous rascality,PLS nigeria is stil battlin 2 restore its lost glory,don’t add salt 2 injury shameless prostitutes

  • Aniesco humble

    Hmmmm,super eagle i de fear…o hop sy all diz promise nobe 2spread Hiv among players,cuz prostitute i no de blive on dem…o