Of the 23 collections presented at Zimbabwe Fashion Week, six designers brought us something that we didn’t already know. It’s great to witness the spread of fashion weeks to Africa and African Fashion Weeks all over the world, however, we’re at times disappointed with the lack of rigorous research and creativity that goes into them. Many collections at Zimbabwe Fashion Week were meaningless or were simple a total reflection of what we’ve already seen these last few years. Despite the lack of innovation, there were some select designers overturned that gave us some incredible pieces: K7, Rumbie by Rumbie (Rumbie Muzofa), Afrikanus, Teez M (Thembani Dube), Lam and of course Gavin Rajah. Scroll down our gallery and let us know which collection you like best.

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  • K. Roderick Tayengwa

    Call me a heretic if you will, but Gavin Rajah’s collection was garbage. Fashion i believe has to be relevent, of which most of what was on show had no relevency to the Zimbabwean audience or consumer. More ready to wear clothing next time please. Who really wants to check out sacks and rags?