South African Producer Aero Manyelo Throws Down For Boiler Room

South African afro-tech producer and DJ Aero Manyelo performed for a hype crowd during a Boiler Room show in Johannesburg last month.

South African afro-tech producer and DJ Aero Manyeloperformed for a hype crowd during a Boiler Roomshow in Johannesburg last month. The set, which took place at a Black Major showcase that also hosted DJ Mujava, DJ Spoko,Mash.O, OddXperienc Music, and Felix Laband, featured Manyelo's high-intensity South African underground club tunes. The beatmaker opened the set with his most recent single "Tshunga" and closed things off with a little throwback Daft Punk. The live show will be featured in Boiler Room's upcoming documentary Ballantine's Stay True South Africa. Aero Manyelo is currently prepping for his European Tour this summer, be sure to check his Facebook page for updates on those dates. Watch Aero Manyelo's Boiler Room set and check out a tracklist below.

 Aero Manyelo Boiler Room Tracklist:

1.Tshunga (Main mix) - Aero Manyelo

2.Mooki - Aero Manyelo

3.Rena Fela - Aero Manyelo

4.Bloom (Lane 8 remix) - Odesza

5.Black Blue Green - Aero Manyelo

6.Imhlola ka James ft. Big Nuz - Aero Manyelo & DJ Tira

7.Herbal Heal - Aero Manyelo

8.YOH - Aero Manyelo

9.BamBoy ft. Nuherb - Aero Manyelo

10.One more time ft. Romanthony - Daft Punk

11.Rula - Aero Manyelo