Africa Express Reworks Minimalist Composer Terry Riley's 'In C'

Africa Express Reworks Minimalist Composer Terry Riley's 'In C'

Africa Express announces 'Africa Express presents...Terry Riley's In C Mali,' the first ever African version of the minimalist masterpiece.


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of influential composer Terry Riley's iconic composition, Africa Express is readying the arrival of Terry Riley's In C Mali. The first African rendition of the minimalist masterwork, the piece was recorded in the same Bamako youth club as Africa Express's Maison des Jeunes LP and features Malian artists Adama Koita on the Kamel N'goni and Bijou on vocals, as well as Western musicians Damon Albarn on melodica, Nick Zinner on guitar and Brian Enoon vocals, amongst others. Speaking about the project, Riley mentioned:

"I am overwhelmed and delighted by this CD. I was not quite prepared for such an incredible journey, hearing the soul of Africa in joyous flight over those 53 patterns of ‘In C’. This ensemble feeds the piece with ancient threads of musical wisdom and humanity indicating to me that this work is a vessel ready to receive and be shaped by the spontaneous feelings and colours of the magician/musician.  I could not ask for a greater gift for this daughter’s 50th birthday."

Led by André de Ridder, who previously conducted Albarn's sublime operas Monkey: Journey to the West and Dr. Dee, the project was first displayed a few weeks ago at London's Tate Modern. Footage of that performance will be shown in a minimalist-focused film jointly made by Africa Express, Tate Modern, and online gallery The Space. The film, Tate Modern and Africa Express present…Terry Riley’s In C Mali, will premiere on The Space's website on November 27. In the meantime, check out a five-minute snippet of Africa Express presents...Terry Riley's In C Mali, which will drop digitally November 24 and on CD and limited edition vinyl on January 26 via Transgressive Records.