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An Ivorian police officer detain two children caught drying cocoa in the sun in the village of Pogreagui in Meagui, on May 6, 2021 during an operation to remove children from cocoa plantations. - The "Nawa 2" operation, which was widely publicised in the media, was carried out at the beginning of May in the Soubré region (400 km west of Abdjan), the country's main cocoa-growing area, and was aimed at convincing the Ivorian authorities to take action against child labour in the cocoa industry, a scourge that has been denounced by international NGO's for the last 20 years.

Photo by SIA KAMBOU / AFP) (Photo by SIA KAMBOU/AFP via Getty Images.

Behind Ivory Coast's Successful Cocoa Plantations are Children

At least 68 children have been rescued by authorities from a trafficking syndicate on several cocoa plantations across the Ivory Coast.