These Are 8 Emerging African Photographers You Need To Know About

These Are 8 Emerging African Photographers You Need To Know About

'African Lens' creator Aaron Yeboah Jr. breaks down eight young and emerging photographers on the continent and in the diaspora to know.

KWVKU featured in African Lens Vol. 3. Courtesy of Aaron Yeboah Jr.

If you’re wondering where to find the best young African photographers, look no further than Aaron Yeboah Jr. Since 2014, the 27-year-old Ghanaian-born visual creative has spotlighted emerging photographers on the continent and in the diaspora through his excellently curated African Lens publication. Below, Aaron breaks down the third volume in his book series and explains why he selected each of the latest African Lens photographers.

The vivid black and white images in Ghanaian photographer Eric Gyamfi’s project Stilled Landscapes bring attention to untouched territories and forgotten landscapes of Ghana.

South African photographer Kgomotso Neto’s project Behind the expressions focuses on what lies behind the expressions that different women have. Looking at the portraits, one wonders what emotion or expression each of the subjects is going through. I think the photo series is an excellent project that opens a portal for communication.

Stephen Chikosi is a Zimbabwe-based photographer. Stephen’s photography highlights people that do not normally have a voice. He captures the everyday lives of people as well as beautiful landscapes of Zimbabwe.

Photographer Khadija Farah documents the daily lives and activities of people living in Daddab refugee complex in Kenya. Khadija Farah’s work is a true testament to her quote “My approcah is simple: tell a truthful story and catch the moment before it passes."

Ghanaian born, UK-based creative KWVKU’s work brings creative expression in a bold, colorful and unprecedented way.

Nigerian photographer Enefaa Thomas has put it on himself to document the aspects of Nigeria that are not known. Viewers get an insight of cities like Enugu and Obudu. I also featured two festivals documented by Enefaa, Isiopkwo Ite Festival and Omagwa Ite Festival. The documentation of the festivals represents everything African Lens stands for; shining a light on the beauty, rich and diverse culture of Africans.

Hisham is a Sudanese photographer who uses instagram as a platform to showcase Sudan. Not much is known about Sudan and that makes Hisham’s work a visual journey that one has to see to experience.

Mutua Matheka is a Kenyan photographer that showcases Kenya in a refreshing and creative expression. The love and passion Mutua has for Kenya can be seen in his photography.

Volume 3 of the African Lens book series is out now and available for purchase here.

All images featured in African Lens Vol. 3 and published in this article with permission from Aaron Yeboah Jr.