Audio: Maskarado's Angolan House Rhymes

Audio: Maskarado's Angolan House Rhymes

Listen to 'Tabacanawa,' a new Afro-house track from Angolan artist Maskarado

Angolan emcee Maskarado laces his kuduro-tinged rhymes over a percussive house beat on his latest offering, 'Tabacanawa.' According to Akwaaba, the house music scene in Luanda is hugely popular but artists generally work disparately and in competition with each other. Maskarado is looking to change that by bringing the different elements of that world together, and if the result is more bangers like 'Tabacanawa," we support his movement with full force. Last we heard from him, his massive dance floor track "Elegom Bounsa" was being remixed by Suriname DJ Los Carlos, so check that out if you missed it the first time around. Listen to "Tabacanawa" below and start your day off on the good foot.

[H/T Akwaaba]