Audio: Moroka 'Amnesia'

UK/South African producer Moroka drops a new African house track, 'Amnesia'

UK/SA producer Moroka has dropped a gem on us — and there's no other way to explain it than a certified Friday afternoon banger. We've previously heard Moroka tear it up on a number of projects, including a slew of remixes and full production detail on The Very Best's MTMTMK (one of our Top 10 Albums of 2012). Whatever your plans are, popping "Amnesia" into your figurative tape deck will get you ready for your weekend dancefloor shenanigans with the quickness. The uptempo house track employs deft use of a heavy synth-bass combo, and a sample from a very early 2000s pop banger. Check out "Amnesia" below and click through for the download link. Props to Johan from TVB for the tip.