Afrikan Boy Performs At A Migrant Camp In Calais, France In ‘Border Business The Documentary’

In Afrikan Boy's 'Border Business The Documentary' the Nigerian MC visits a refugee camp in Calais, France where he connects and performs.

Last month we shared Afrikan Boy’s “Border Business,” a single about the plight of Nigerian immigrants in London. The rapper readdresses the issue in Border Business The Documentary, a 15-minute video which follows Afrikan Boy as he heads to a refugee camp in Calais, France that currently holds 4,000 migrants seeking asylum in neighboring countries.

While there, the artist connects with young camp dwellers from Sudan and elsewhere who share details about what the journey to Calais was like and discuss their hopes for the future. The documentary also includes clips from Afrikan Boy’s rousing performance that took place during his visit.

Border Business The Documentary gives a glimpse into daily life at the camp, offering a humanizing view of a place commonly referred to as “The Jungle.” “People are still being human, being people and it just so happens that this is a part of their journey. It’s also humbling to see that humanity and dignity hasn’t been lost” says Afrikan Boy.

View the full documentary below and revisit Afrikan Boy’s “Border Business” single.